Selecting Toys For Toddlers

Ah, so there is a very cute little baby for whom you are trying to select a toy! That's very nice, because the best thing you can gift a toddler is a toy. But, even though you have the best of intentions in your mind, you might get lost when you visit a children toys store. You will find so many children toys for two-year olds and younger that you will be certainly quite bemused at what to buy. Everything looks so wonderful at the store, but can you be sure that the toddler will like it too? Here are some tips that you can use to make your decision to get children toys to those angels who have just learnt to wobble among on all fours.

What must children toys targeted at two-year old kids and below have? The children toys must be such that it holds the attention of the toddler. The first and primary concern is the color. Children like toys that have lots of reds and yellows in them, closely followed by green and blues. I would personally choose a toy that has a combination of different colors. Experience proves that toddlers do not care for the shape of the toy as much as they care for the color. As long as the children toys look appealing to the eye, toddlers will like to hold them and play with them, and will keep returning to the toys quite often.

When it comes to getting children toys for very small kids, the primary concern is of course the safety of the toy. The children toys manufacturers themselves are quite alive to this requirement, and they will clearly mention the age above which the toy is suitable for children. If there are small parts in the toy, legislation requires that it be explicitly mentioned on the toy pack, and you must look out for such information.

Most people think that children toys (for the very young age group) are restricted to only soft toys. This is not the case at all, but it doesn't harm any if you begin your search from the soft toy counter of the toy shop. These toys are quite cuddly and soft and most children like them. However, don't be surprised if the child to whom you are gifting the soft toy doesn't like it. Soft toys do not have a universal appeal for children, and it is also observed that children tire of them soon. My advice is, do not buy soft children toys for the kid unless you take the kid to the store to indicate his or her own pick of the toys.

Instead, squeeze toys keep young children amused for much longer times. Select the brightly colored ones if you decide on them, and if you can find squeeze toys that make squeaky noises when pressed, so much the better. The best part is that the squeeze toys float on water, so children enjoy taking them to the bath with them too!

The last thing you need to consider is the size of the toy. Do not buy small children toys for toddlers; they do not appreciate them much, and there is also a choking hazard if the toy is too small. At the same time, the toy should not be so big that the child finds it difficult to grasp. If that happens, the children's toy will just remain lying in a corner of the house.

The concept of the toy does not matter that much if the kid is below a year; it is things like color and size that you must look into more. Also, it is a good idea to get toys with moving or movable parts. Kids love them. A very good example is the pull-along toys.